Raise a Glass for Vodka: The Beverage of the Gods

Although the true inventor of Vodka is still open to speculation, the countries which did play a major role in its development are namely Russia, Sweden and Poland. Contrary to popular belief, Vodka is not used to confuse people, but rather to journey to a wonderful world of tasty awesomeness. Vodka is a colorless liquor, mostly containing water and alcohol, along with a few of other key ingredients that include, wheat, potato, barley, corn, and molasses.

Voted as one of the top selling liquors, Vodka is probably the fastest popularity gaining liquor. The strange thing about Vodka is that it can be produced from any material which is distilled at or above 190 degrees and bottled at no less than eighty proof. As mentioned earlier, historically the major Vodka producing countries have always been Russia and Poland, besides that, it should be mentioned that the Great Britain, USA, France, Netherlands, Canada and New Zealand are all amongst the top Vodka producers in the world.

Flavor and Non-Flavor

While there is no standard for the variations in Vodka, they do come in two distinct varieties, such as, flavored and non-flavored.

Flavored Vodka

Flavor which is added to neutral vodkas is known as flavored vodka. Flavored vodkas basically means that flavors and aromas have been added to the drink to give it its own distinctive taste. Some of the more popular aromas include cherries, berries, apples, peaches, honey and so on. Customers usually choose this smooth flavored type because of its smooth and pleasant flavor.
The traditional Russian and Polish Vodkas come in the following sub-categories:

  • Kubanskaya (lemon and orange)
  • Starka (might contain dried fruit, fruit tree leaves, brandy, port, etc.)
  • Pertsovka (peppercorns and chili peppers)
  • Okhotnichya or Hunter Vodka (ginger, coffee, cloves, lemon, anise, and other spices)
  • Zubrówka (buffalo/bison grass)

Non-Flavored Vodka

The name is pretty self-explanatory, but non-flavored vodka does not contain any added flavor or aroma and is, as a result, neutral by taste. While this type of vodka does not contain any added flavors or aromas the main ingredients that make up the liquor can be felt and tasted. Considering that there are so many brands of Vodka available in the world, with most of them claiming to be the best, it would be fair to name just a few, but, for those who are looking to buy Vodka, some of the famous brands include, Kauffman Vintage Luxury, Stoli Elit, and Chateau Mukhrani Vintage Chacha.

Famous Vodka Drinks

When talking about Vodka, who can forget Bloody Mary, sex on the beach, Kamikaze and Lemon drop Martinis, all of which are considered as classic Vodka drinks.

The type of glass we drink alcohol from is usually determined by the drink, flavored vodkas are served in small stem glasses, while small tumblers are used for the clear varieties of Vodka.